My estimate takes into the calculation: your input and description of the project, the estimated scope, the expected number of final images, post-production needs, and travel.

Every photo project can be customized for fewer or more angle views, details, landscape, daytime, sunset, twilight or even a single overall image look of the property.

Multiple Visits to the location for alternative / different natural lighting — may be necessary for high-quality coverage of object: add-on costs are calculated based on time/mileage for round-trip to / from location plus time needed for photo shoot (creative fee / session fee).


  • Photo Editing (images are enhanced, optimized)
  • # of digital photos: depends strongly on project type, agreement, and time for planning / producing shots
  • Full Usage Rights License
  • Dedicated images gallery with viewing and downloading options.
  • All images are ready for media distribution, web, social, and print.

Real Estate Standard Photography:
(these are just the ballpark prices)

1 BR or Studio from $175
2 BR homes from $250
3-4 BR homes from $350
5+ BR homes from $450

Architectural Real Estate Photography:

Typically, the images are made to a higher standard, require additional time to produce, and carry a longer lifespan than the Real Estate Standart image. It is optimized for use in the magazine publications, portfolio presentation in print and online, advertisement, etc., or to showcase the luxury real estate, historical or unique property, commercial property, etc. These images may continue to circulate even if the property is sold. A combination of standard and architectural imagery can be requested if the client is planning on using the MASTER image post property sale.


Cinematic video can be produced in full length and/or for social media use length. The total video length will depend on the property, but for social media, the usual time is under 60 seconds. We offer optional Licensed audio background for a small fee or use your own, a fully Licensed audio file for video production.

The Goal

The above prices are ballpark, and the quote can be made once we know the property details, your vision goal, and the full address for areal view.

To start, please email:

  1. Property FULL ADDRESS;
  2. Architectural, Standard photography, or combination of both;
  3. Total number of rooms, bathrooms, and other areas requiring its own image;
  4. Date and Start Time for a shoot: Option A, and Option B.
  5. You contact info.
  6. email to: